Jo Ann D. Jones M.D.  





Metamorphosis is a "marked transformationin appearance, condition, character of function." A prime example is the wondrous changing of the caterpillar through the cocoon stage into a beautiful butterfly. Make it your goal totransform yourself into the best you possible. Invest in yourself. It is our goal to assist you in this transformation. We offer information on skin care basics,recommendations to treat problem skin and aging skin.

Recommendations are offered for the Total You - body, mind and spirit. Take a step back and look at yourself, your habits, your environment and how well you nurture yourself. Establish a daily skin care routine to both nourish and protect your skin and add corrective treatments as needed. Add any necessary nutritional supplements to enhance your skin as well as improve your systemic health. Get enough sleep. Begin a daily exercise program that just gets you moving - even if just walking at a rapid pace. Create a home environment and a work space that are spirit/soul satisfying. Carve out some time in early morning or at the end of your day just for yourself for meditation or just some quiet, reflective time alone.


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